IMPaCT Shelby County

Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology, Shelby County, and the City of Shelbyville are economic development partners—building business alliances, inspiring entrepreneurs, and educating tomorrow’s innovators.

Innovative Model: Positioning Communities for Transformation (IMPaCT) is about building bridges.

  • For Shelby County youth, it provides pathways to explore careers in science and technology.
  • For Rose-Hulman students, it provides new avenues to strengthen their skills in the work place.
  • For Industry it provides a chance to invest in intelligence and provide a community that embraces future employees in engineering, science and technology.

IMPaCT Shelby County partnership began in 2012 and has five components: EMERGE, Operation Catapult Scholarships, Rose-Hulman Student Internships, Innovation Networking events, and Ventures Innovation Partnership.

This innovation-based economic partnership will launch the next generation of technical leaders for success throughout the county.

How you can get involved...