EMERGE STEM Enrichment Program

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What is EMERGE?

EMERGE is a STEM – science, technology, engineering, and math enrichment program conducted locally by Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology for Shelby County students. Regularly scheduled classroom activities and presentations highlight STEM related careers in the area. Students learn from professionals working in Shelby County in STEM related fields. Rose-Hulman student mentors are available periodically to visit classrooms and events.

This program is funded by the IMPaCT partnership program and is free to Shelby County students.

How can EMERGE help me?

  1. Help students adopt a proactive stance on learning and begin to create their own plan for career and educational choices.
  2. Help students develop the socio-cognitive skills to bridge the transition into high school, college, and the workforce.

Provide a consistent, reliable source of encouragement and advice, including scheduled or ad hoc online tutoring for academic subjects and help with homework.

How do I participate in EMERGE?TCHS.1.MakutaWHS.1.CraneWerks

Contact the person at the appropriate high school listed below:

Shelbyville High School:
Margaret Weaver, Guidance Counselor
(317) 398-9731 ext. 2113

Triton High School:
Joleen Lancaster, Director of Guidance
(317) 835-3000 ext. 1016

Southwestern High School
Angela Stegner, Guidance Counselor
(317) 729-5122, ext. 208

Morristown High School
Susie Swaney, Guidance Counselor
(765) 763-1221 ext. 3023

Waldron High School
Whitney Moore, Guidance Counselor
(765) 525-6822, ext. 5055

How you can get involved...