EMERGE Telementoring

To help Shelby County students get a head start in career fields of science, math, and engineering, the city of Shelbyville and Shelby County partnered with Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology to offer a telementoring program. As one of the nation’s leading Science, Engineering, and Mathematics school, Rose-Hulman staff know what the best colleges look for in a student. Rose-Hulman mentors also know the challenges associated with applying to highly selective colleges.

What is telementoring?

Telementoring is a virtual mentoring program where selected high school freshmen are paired with a trained Rose-Hulman student, over the course of the student’s freshman year in high school. The students will be arranged in “families” with one Rose-Hulman mentor per eight high school students. Emerge is administered by Dr. Pat Carlson.

This program is currently run and funded by IMPaCT 2016 and is free to selected Shelby County high school students.

How can telementoring help me?

  1. Help students adopt a proactive stance on learning and begin to create their own plan for career and educational choices.
  2. Help the 9th grade students develop the socio-cognitive skills to bridge the transition into high school.
  3. Provide a consistent, reliable source of encouragement and advice, including scheduled or ad hoc online tutoring for academic subjects and help with homework.

How do I get a mentor?

Contact the person at the appropriate high school listed below:

Shelbyville High School:
Jolynn Badgero, Director of Guidance
(317) 398-9731 ext. 2111

Triton High School:
Bobby Thompson
(317) 835-3000

Southwestern High School
Sarah Milner
(317) 729-5320

Morristown High School
Amy Hedrick, Director of Guidance

Waldron High School
Angela Smith

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