Operation Catapult: A summer program for high school students on the Rose-Hulman Campus

Cassie-Catapult-2It’s not a summer camp. It’s not an honors seminar. It’s far from boring and students aren’t cooped up in a classroom for days on end. It is Operation Catapult, a unique summer program for high school students who have completed their junior year.

Beyond brain stimulation, students will:

  1. Integrate and supplement previous learning.
  2. Explore fundamental scientific and engineering principles and systems.
  3. Have an opportunity for group living in a campus setting.

A once-in-a-lifetime experience! Students get:

  • Live on Rose-Hulman’s campus meeting students from across the country (and the world);
  • To set up and run advanced experiments;
  • To be taught by real professors;
  • A chance to see what engineering and the physical sciences are really all about;
  • To use every bit of learning and ingenuity they’ve absorbed in 11 years of school;
  • To have a blast the whole time they’re doing it!

View more information about Operation Catapult on Rose-Hulman.edu/catapult.

View more information on Operation Catapult

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